Donzelli Nazaro founded SA.GA. in 1979, after many years of working for important companies in the packaging sector.
In the more than 30 years he dedicated to the company, he completed thousands of projects with great professionalism, never once losing his human approach through his qualities of kindness and fairness.

I joined the company in 2004 after completing a degree in engineering management and after having worked in other companies, including one overseas.
I have always been attracted by other countries, so I immediately began working in the export office. I began to manage important overseas clients and through this work was able to build up valuable experience.

In 2009 I finally achieved one of my biggest dreams, which was to have the experience of working in Australia. For a year and a half, I worked in the CAD design office of one of the biggest papermaking companies in the country.

This opportunity gave me the drive to return to SA.GA. with fresh ideas after a year and a half.

Unfortunately, in 2012 my father passed away, leaving an incredible void in my life which was filled only by the birth of my daughter two years later.
Her arrival gave me the strength to start over again.

Two years later my sister Clara decided to join the company.
With a business degree and experience gained in other companies, she gave important contributions on different fronts: sales, administration and finance.
Thanks to her background in Quality Control, she bought her support to Company and Environmental Certification Norms and to Safety in the Workplace to name but a few.

We have a shared belief in the future direction of the company: the sensitivity to create an environment friendly production process, the need to diversify and the desire to renew the company to keep it young and dynamic.

Today the company has a new look thanks to the restyling of the logo and the creation of a new SAGA Green logo.


Product engineering
Attention to detail
Correct choice of materials
Technology innovation


A package which adds value to your brand, which doesn’t throw it away.

Sa.Ga. Certifications

Sa.Ga. Cartotecnica obtained the first Important Quality System Certification based on Standard “ ISO 9001:2008 “ in the year 2000 keeping it until today. Last year Sa.ga. announced to all Customers another prestigious Certification: the “Forest Stewardship Council Certification ( FSC®)” based on the International Standard FSC-STD-40-004 with a view to economic and social environmental responsibility.


The purpose to create a new Saga’s image is due to our desire to press ahead following the ideals and objectives of our father. The renewal of Saga is thanks to our own experiences, skills and professionalism.