Production and distribution of “ecofriendly” boxes and toys. The objective is to focus on an environmental upbringing.

My daughter has been raised with me in an office full of boxes of every shape and colour.
Her cousin has always had a passion for building toys with all kinds of materials.
We have learned from them that, with simple materials like cardboard, we can create fun and ecological games while respecting ethics which put the health of the planet first for us and for our children.

Our idea is that the concept of eco-sustainability must start in the home. The objective is to focus on an environmental upbringing.

What is an eco-sustainable toy for SA.GA.? It is one which uses recyclable material (in this case cardboard) and which is itself destined to be recycled and re-used.
Indeed, the toy is what you find inside the box, but it wants to be the box too.
The production and distribution of eco-friendly boxes and toys has an added value which must be balanced with market logics. The production costs of an eco-sustainable toy-box are slightly higher because greater attention is needed during the production process and when choosing materials. They also need dedicated project management, but all these factors are worth it over time if we take into account quality, safety and saved environmental costs etc.